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Choosing between the IP Module and the GSM Module for the 2000 and 3000 security system.

 Advantages of a Smartphone Capable Alarm System Control your alarm system with your Smartphone via the GSM module connection to your alarm system. with the Bosch Solution 2000 and 3000 Alarm System, simple to use with plenty of flexibility. Here are a few comparison points when considering which add on module to choose from. Choosing between the IP Module and the GSM Module for the 2000 and 3000 security system. The Bosch Solution 3000 IP Alarm systems are the most popular security alarm system kits we sell, for these reason, the advantages of the B426M IP module. Significantly easier setup, after connecting the module to both the network with a network cable and the main board with the provided 4-wire connector. Setting up at the keypad only takes a minute (2 steps in programming) whereas the GSM has to have an APN code entered using Bosch Programming Software from a PC. No additional fees compared to the GSM which requires a client provided SIM card with a Data plan. Plug-and-Pla

Do Wireless Alarms Need Wi-Fi?

Wireless alarm systems will not require Wi-Fi , at least not to communicate with its wireless components. The only time a wireless alarm would need Wi-Fi  is if it reports back to an app on a customer’s smartphone, to alert them of an intrusion or to allow them to arm and disarm the system remotely. For the system to properly talk with its wireless components , it would require a receiver. In some instances this receiver can be built into the main control panel, but more often than not it is a separate device that must be wired in.  This receiver uses RF frequencies to communicate with each wireless device, which will have a wireless transmitter inside.  These wireless devices have the same function as their hard wired options, for example a wireless detector is able to detect movement the same way a wired detector will.  The difference is how it transmits this signal back to the panel.  The hard wired detector creates an open circuit when it detects movement, tripping the alarm ins

Bosch provides top of the line security solutions

When it comes to protecting your home and property, it's understandable that you would demand only the most effective, reliable and regarded alarm systems on the market. For the best value and peace of mind, you can't really go past  Bosch security , a company which produces some of the   best alarms  in Australia. Bosch operates all around the world and produces  security solutions  for residential homes and apartments as well as commercial offices and retail stores. They even provide alarms and  CCTV  cameras to industrial buildings, as well as public buildings such as hospitals, schools, museums and prisons. As a world renowned brand, Bosch has also received many awards over the years recognising its commitment towards service and performance. If you are considering investing in a Bosch alarm system for your home, then your first port of call should be either the Solution 2000 ,  the  Solution 3000  or the Solution 6000. Each of these has been specially tailored to mee

Wireless Security Alarm?- which one is right for me?

Wireless Security Alarm?- which one is right for me? One of the first decisions many people have to make when choosing to install a   home alarm system   is whether to opt for a wired or wireless solution . The truth is that there is no universal answer, as every home and family is different and will therefore have unique needs and requirements that their  security solution  will be required to meet. Bosch alarm systems offer wireless detectors and wireless reed switches , perfect solution for two storey dwellings where cables to downstairs areas are very difficult. For that reason, it's always a good idea to talk to a trained professional who knows the ins and outs of home security before making a decision. There are however a few things that you will want to keep in mind when considering whether to opt for a wired or  wireless alarm system , including the level of installation you wish to undergo. Wireless alarm systems obviously require far less invasive install

Pig Nose, this little piggy packs a punch. HIKVISION Pig Nose Camera.

Pig nose, pig face who knew?  This little piggy packs a punch, clear vision from HIKVISION. Available in 4, 6 & 8 Megapixels. Infra-red illumination up to 30 meters. These Hikvision cameras are also known as  eyeball or  Turret Cameras . Whilst they may look strange they have outstanding vision both day and night and are one of our most popular cameras from Hikvision.  Used widely in homes and Cafe's. From their first version  the camera shape has changed slightly, but now has enhanced features including an audible alarm and 4K. Black turret cameras are widely used in restaurants to blend in with decor for aesthetic purposed. The newer versions of the Turret cameras have outstanding features including, motorised lenses, audible alarms, microphone, vari focal lenses, some with back up SD card for recording. In addition, extreme light conditions are taken into consideration in the design process. ColorVu cameras are equipped with warm supplemental light, so when the

Security Alarm Systems FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for Alarm Systems. What is a Control Panel ? A Control Panel is the brains of the security system. It controls the actions of your detection devices and stores the user codes. The Control Panel is to be located within the armed area of the house. Typically all wiring for the house will come back to the control panel and connect into the system. Which Control Panel is right for me ? Generally the selection of the control panel is in line with the Budget and Size of the premises to be protected. Typically most domestic system will have standard 8 Input connections for PIRs and Reed Switches. Depending on the type this number can be doubled by the use of resistors and wiring. Each alarm system has its limitations on how many inputs can be connected, if they exceed the onboard capacities then expansion panels can be added to the system to increase the inputs and outputs. Various sensors connect to the control panel from locations throughout you

Don't wait until you are burgled to install a security alarm system.

Don't wait until you are burgled to install a security alarm system.  We often attend site to install a security system after the fact, our customers have often already been cleared out of their prized possessions, their home violated by intruders and who knows what they have done whilst they were there. Put yourself and your family's security as your number one priority. Some clients can be traumatised for years after a break in and often that feeling of security in your own home is shattered and affects your personal well-being. Remote controls when pressed in unison act as a panic alarm if intruders break in whilst you are home. The most effective form of security at night, is the night arm feature that comes standard with all Bosch alarm systems . There is even a specially designed  night arm keypad to make it even easier. Setting certain areas to arm whilst you sleep, will ensure you have a good night sleep, no need to nudge your partner from his snoring slumber if y

Protect your valuables with the Best DIY Alarm System.

Renting and installing an alarm system in your home. When many people first begin to consider installing a   home alarm system , the first question they raise is how much installation and wiring will be required in order to get the system fully operational. This is an area of particular concern for people who do not own their own property. Those living in a rental home or an apartment building often find themselves wanting to enhance their own personal security but are restricted as to the amount of modifications they can make on the building. However just because you are not able to drill a few holes in the wall doesn't mean you're out of luck, as there are a range of  security solutions  available which can keep your property safe without the need for complex installation procedures. In this situation,  wireless alarm systems  are far and away the best option as they require much less cabling and wires than their wired counterparts. The Hikvison Wireless Alarm  DIY ki

Home Alarm Installations Seven Hills

CTC Communications is a  Seven Hills  based Security System supply and installation company, servicing surrounding suburbs for 25+ years. CTC is an award winning local service and trade, offering the very latest leading brands in  home alarm systems  to help protect your home or business. Our most popular alarm we supply and install have Smartphone capability, giving the user the ability to control their alarm system from their phone.  We are a  Bosch Platinum dealer  and can provide the best price for supply and installation, we are located in Seven Hills and serve all the surrounding areas. Bosch 3000 Smartphone Home Alarm System Smartphone home alarm systems   give you the ability to control your alarm, anytime, anywhere. CTC can install a security alarm system in your home giving you peace of mind 24/7.  You can control your alarm system via your Smartphone or have your home monitored back to base by our 24/7 control room. We have an office and showroom located in Seven Hi

Screen Visitors to Your Door with a Home Intercom

Futuro intercoms  are fantastic for  screening visitors  before you invite them into your  home, and can allow you to deny any unsavory characters quickly and easily with minimal confrontation. The  Picture Memory function , works by taking an image of your guest at your door station and displays on your internal monitor until you clear the image. This system provides an additional layer of security to your home. The all new Futuro home intercom system have been re-designed.  Available in a basic design  7" Handsfree  operation or with  Picture Memory. Alternatively, if your visitor is a friend or family member who you were expecting and you are happy to let them inside, you can even  electronically unlock the door   using the intuitive touch screen display. Shop Intercoms for Home

Screen visitors to your home with a voice changer intercom

  The one touch voice changer in the Panasonic intercom system  gives an extra layer of security to your home.  Are you looking to increase security to your home, look no further than the Panasonic intercom for home with a voice changer feature. By being able to disguise ones voice, it gives the home owner the unique safety feature , of changing a female voice to a male voice. The voice heard at the main door station will be male. This feature is also great if children are left unattended at home and need to screen callers to the door, or a female at home. The function of this intercom system can be activated with one touch during an incoming call using the main extension intercom monitor. One-touch Voice Changer This security feature is available in the Panasonic intercom VL-SWD275AZ model. Door station cameras with night vision, see who is at your door even in the dark. Door stations with wide angle cameras can see many visitors to your door from the internal monitor station, wheth

Best Value Bosch Home Alarm System Installed

  CTC Communications is the trusted name in Home Alarm Installations, installing and upgrading home alarm systems for over 25+ years. The  Bosch Solution 2000 alarm system   is our  best value home alarm system , offering 8 zone protection for your home  Simple to use with plenty of optional upgrades , including the ability to be able to arm and disarm via your Smartphone. The Bosch Solution 2000 is NBN ready, it is the security system that has all the technology it needs to identify intruders to your home, without being hard to use. It helps you protect the things you love, providing you with reliable  home security  at your fingertips. Our best value package offers three hard wired detectors Gen 2 standard detectors strategically placed around your home to provide optimum coverage, should an intruder try to enter your home. From $900 Fully installed in your home, we believe this package from Bosch Security offer the best value for a quality trusted brand in Home security. The Bosch

Home alarm systems can cut down your insurance costs

A new alarm system, properly installed and regularly serviced, can be a great way of deterring burglars and reducing the risk of theft or vandalism to your home and contents. But did you know that many insurance providers also offer a discount for homes which have a reliable  security system  installed? A home which has a good alarm system is much less likely to be broken into, and the chance of catching any burglars who do attempt an unauthorised entry is greatly increased. That is good news for the insurance agency, as it is therefore less likely to have to pay out for repairs and replacements. That is why they are willing to offer you a discount on your monthly premiums.  These can vary depending on the provider and the complexity of the  home alarm system  in question, so it is worth contacting a variety of insurance agencies to find out just what discounts they can offer you. Regardless, there is no doubt that investing in a strong home alarm system can pay off big time in the

How do I stop my alarm keypad beeping?

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions Q  What is an Alarm Keypad A) An Alarm keypad is what you arm and disarm the system with normally located near the front door. Multiple keypads can also be used for alternative entrances, such as garages. Q.  Can I replace my alarm keypad? You most certainly can replace your existing alarm keypad if the buttons are worn out or stop working, we sell a large range of leading brands of alarm keypads, Bosch Risco, NX. You will require the same model keypad for your alarm system. This model number is usually located on the back of the keypad. Occasionally Bosch Codepads  will make multiple keypads for an series of alarm panels, the Bosch Solution 6000 , 2000 and 3000 have multiple keypad types. You will require a security technician to replace your keypad to program the alarm system. Q How do I stop my alarm keypad beeping? A) On most alarm systems simply press the hash or enter button will silence the fault been for 12 hours.   Q  How do I find out

Reed Switches Frequently Asked Questions

Reed Switches FAQ's What are Reed Switches? Magnetic contacts   are two-part devices used to safeguard windows and doors.  Where are reed switches used? Reed switches are used in alarm systems, they are located within the door and are known to be flush mounted. Or mounted on the door or window, surface mounted .One part of the contact is a switch installed in the window or door jam; the other contains a magnet and is placed in the window or door itself.  How do reed switches work ? Any noticeable shift in contact with the switch breaks the magnetic field and triggers an alarm. Type of Reed Switches Reed Switches as they are often called can be either recessed or flush mounted. A hole is drilled inside the door jam and the reed switch is inserted. Surface Mounted Reed switches Are mounted to the surface of windows or doors, available in multiple colours to blend in with home or office decor. A more inexpensive reed switch than flush mounted reeds. Surface mounted reeds can also be