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Panasonic Intercom Security Features

  The one touch voice changer in the Panasonic intercom gives an extra layer of security to your home.  By being able to disguise ones voice, it gives the home owner the unique safety feature , of changing a female voice to a male voice. The voice heard at the main door station will be male. This feature is also great if children are left unattended at home and need to screen callers to the door, or a female at home. This function can be activated with one touch during an incoming call using the main extension intercom monitor. One-touch Voice Changer This security feature is available in the Panasonic intercom VL-SWD275AZ model. SHOP PANASONIC INTERCOMS
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Best Value Bosch Home Alarm System Installed

  CTC Communications is the trusted name in Home Alarm Installations, installing and upgrading home alarm systems for over 25+ years. The  Bosch Solution 2000 alarm system   is our  best value home alarm system , offering 8 zone protection for your home  Simple to use with plenty of optional upgrades , including the ability to be able to arm and disarm via your Smartphone. The Bosch Solution 2000 is NBN ready, it is the security system that has all the technology it needs to identify intruders to your home, without being hard to use. It helps you protect the things you love, providing you with reliable  home security  at your fingertips. Our best value package offers three hard wired detectors Gen 2 standard detectors strategically placed around your home to provide optimum coverage, should an intruder try to enter your home. From $900 Fully installed in your home, we believe this package from Bosch Security offer the best value for a quality trusted brand in Home security. The Bosch

Home alarm systems can cut down your insurance costs

A new alarm system, properly installed and regularly serviced, can be a great way of deterring burglars and reducing the risk of theft or vandalism to your home and contents. But did you know that many insurance providers also offer a discount for homes which have a reliable  security system  installed? A home which has a good alarm system is much less likely to be broken into, and the chance of catching any burglars who do attempt an unauthorised entry is greatly increased. That is good news for the insurance agency, as it is therefore less likely to have to pay out for repairs and replacements. That is why they are willing to offer you a discount on your monthly premiums.  These can vary depending on the provider and the complexity of the  home alarm system  in question, so it is worth contacting a variety of insurance agencies to find out just what discounts they can offer you. Regardless, there is no doubt that investing in a strong home alarm system can pay off big time in the

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions Q  What is an Alarm Keypad A) An Alarm keypad is what you arm and disarm the system with normally located near the front door. Multiple keypads can also be used for alternative entrances, such as garages. Q.  Can I replace my alarm keypad? You most certainly can replace your existing alarm keypad if the buttons are worn out or stop working, we sell a large range of leading brands of alarm keypads, Bosch Risco, NX. You will require the same model keypad for your alarm system. This model number is usually located on the back of the keypad. Occasionally Bosch Codepads will make multiple keypads for an series of alarm panels, the Bosch Solution 6000 , 2000 and 3000 have multiple keypad types. You will require a security technician to replace your keypad to program the alarm system. Q How do I stop my alarm keypad beeping? A) On most alarm systems simply press the hash or enter button will silence the fault been for 12 hours.   Q  How do I find out

Reed Switches Frequent Asked Questions

Reed Switches FAQ's What are Reed Switches? Magnetic contacts  are two-part devices used to safeguard windows and doors.  Where are reed switches used? Reed switches are used in alarm systems, they are located within the door and are known to be flush mounted. Or mounted on the door or window, surface mounted .One part of the contact is a switch installed in the window or door jam; the other contains a magnet and is placed in the window or door itself.  How do reed switches work? Any noticeable shift in contact with the switch breaks the magnetic field and triggers an alarm. Type of Reed Switches Reed Switches as they are often called can be either recessed or flush mounted. A hole is drilled inside the door jam and the reed switch is inserted. Surface Mounted Reed switches Are mounted to the surface of windows or doors, available in multiple colours to blend in with home or office decor. A more inexpensive reed switch than flush mounted reeds. Surface mounted reeds can also be u

Bosch Solution 6000 alarm system review

As a Bosch Security Certified Partner we know our Bosch security products inside and out. The Bosch Solution Bosch Solution 6000 was new to the market late last year, replacing the Bosch Solution 144. With an identical panel to the Solution 64, Bosch decided to enhance the features of the 64 and the 144 was born. The GSM module was our biggest selling point for the 144, customers are moving away from fixed phone lines in their home and Bosch has answered their calls. With further enhancements including very attractive bells and whistles the Solution 6000 was born. The pricing on this panel was slashed dramatically, customers now pay the equivalent pricing for the Solution 16 Plus as they do now for the 6000 saving 100's of $. So why does the Solution 6000 outsell all of our other panels? The GSM quite simply sells this products as does it's self monitoring feature. Receiving notification from your alarm panel, being able to arm or disarm via a smartphone ap

Four ways to deter thieves from your home.

Any home may be susceptible to theft, but this can be particularly true for those who often travel away or have a large expanse of property to take care of. It's a horrible experience to go through when your house has been invaded by a stranger, but there are three steps you can take to help deter thieves from breaking into your home. Furry friend Dogs can act as a big deterrent for would-be thieves, with these furry pals able to act as a 'bark alarm', sniffing out any intruders to your home. Many thieves would rather not risk entering your home at the sight of a dog, so this may be one solution that you want to implement in your home. Pet Friendly alarms are also available so you pooch can stay on patrol and the security system can add as a back up. Look out for the Pet friendly logo on our Security alarm systems , available in pint sized and extra large pooch. 2. Security system If you're unable to have a pet in your home, setting up a  s