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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alarm Keypad

A) An Alarm keypad is what you arm and disarm the system with normally located near the front door. Multiple keypads can also be used for alternative entrances, such as garages.

Q. Can I replace my alarm keypad?

You most certainly can replace your existing alarm keypad if the buttons are worn out or stop working, we sell a large range of leading brands of alarm keypads, Bosch Risco, NX. You will require the same model keypad for your alarm system. This model number is usually located on the back of the keypad.

Occasionally Bosch will make multiple keypads for an series of alarm panels, the Bosch Solution 6000, 2000 and 3000 have multiple keypad types. You will require a security technician to replace your keypad to program the alarm system.

Q How do I stop my alarm keypad beeping?

A) On most alarm systems simply press the hash or enter button will silence the fault been for 12 hours. 

How do I find out what fault my Bosch Alarm is beeping for.

A)  On a Bosch Alarm Icon keypad if you press and hold down the number 5 button an LED will display refer to your User guide to find the fault code

How do I reset my smoke detector on a Bosch 16 plus or 6000 Series.

A) Enter your Master code then Menu, Type in 305 this will re-set your smoke detectors, hold Menu for 5 Seconds to exit.

Q How do I change my code on a Bosch 880 Alarm

A) Enter your Master code followed by 1 then Hash

Press 1 hash enter your new four digit code press hash  and now your code has been changed.


Reed Switches Frequent Asked Questions

Reed Switches FAQ's

What are Reed Switches?

Magnetic contacts are two-part devices used to safeguard windows and doors. 

Reed switches are used in alarm systems, they are located within the door and are known to be flush mounted. Or mounted on the door or window, surface mounted .One part of the contact is a switch installed in the window or door jam; the other contains a magnet and is placed in the window or door itself. 

Any noticeable shift in contact with the switch breaks the magnetic field and triggers an alarm.

Type of Reed Switches
Reed Switches as they are often called can be either recessed or flush mounted.
A hole is drilled inside the door jam and the reed switch is inserted.

Are mounted to the surface of windows or doors, available in multiple colours to blend in with home or office decor. A more inexpensive reed switch than flush mounted reeds. Surface mounted reeds can also be used for roller doors.

A Reed Switch is an expensive addition to an established house as cabling to windows and doors is labour intensive and difficult.
Reed switches are another layer of security for your home or business alarm system, they provide a magnetized contact and when broken will send an alert to your security alarm control panel. If the alarm system is on, it will send the alarm into alarm and can activated an internal and external siren.

Are reed switches necessary?

Reed switches will increase your home security by having the option to arm windows when you are home.

Downside increased labour cost.
The installation of reed switches can be cost effective with new home alarm installations.
The cabling for the reed switches is done in the building phase of the new home.

Reed switches generally require power back to the control panel, they can also be daisy chained.
Although there is a downside to daisy chaining if you have a faulty reed, they can be often difficult to locate.
Reed switches from Bosch Security offer a wireless reed switch solution, overcoming the increased labour cost, although they are more expensive to purchase than a standard reed switch.
Bosch Wireless reed switches come in both Surface mounted and Flush mounted design to suit your alarm system needs.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Bosch Solution 6000 alarm system review

As a Bosch Security Certified Partner we know our Bosch security products inside and out.
The Bosch Solution 6000 was new to the market late last year, replacing the Bosch Solution 144.

With an identical panel to the Solution 64, Bosch decided to enhance the features of the 64 and the 144 was born.

The GSM module was our biggest selling point for the 144, customers are moving away from fixed phone lines in their home and Bosch has answered their calls.

With further enhancements including very attractive bells and whistles the Solution 6000 was born.
The pricing on this panel was slashed dramatically, customers now pay the equivalent pricing for the Solution 16 Plus as they do now for the 6000 saving 100's of $.

So why does the Solution 6000 outsell all of our other panels?

The GSM quite simply sells this products as does it's self monitoring feature.
Receiving notification from your alarm panel, being able to arm or disarm via a smartphone app.
While the optional bells and whistles have not been very popular, it is nice to know if you wish to expand on your panel, these options are there if you require them.
For businesses the smart token proximity keypads have been a popular accessory with the reporting of each user entering and exiting the premises.

The IP module has now become quite popular on the 6000 with the Ifob subscription allowing users push notifications to their phones and emails.
New to 2017 was the addition of the Wifi family, an upgrade option on each 6000 kit to upgrade the panel to include a Wifi keypad for easy connection to your home router.
This keypad is not wireless, it only provides a wireless connection to the internet, much like your mobile phone.
Check out our Ifob plan.

  • Choice of code pad colour Black or White (White is still by far the most popular)
  • Siren kit choice. (Standard is still the most popular)
  • GSM additional board, popular if you do not have a fixed Optus or Telstra Land line.
  • IP Module with subscription service reporting lite.
  • Wifi keypad for the connection to your home router, rather than run a cable for the IP module.
  • Smart phone application for arm and disarm.
  • Night arm station, ( a lot cheaper than an additional code pad) 
  • Expansion capability of the board to 144 zones.
  • Easy to read, plain English code pad, (great for identifying system trouble) 
  • Price of this panel is the same as a larger panel.
  • Wireless expansion
  • Optional Bells and Whistles, External code pads, Finger Scanner
  • Choice of Proximity or non proximity code pad
  • New Smart card tags for proximity code pads.
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Bosch Solution 6000 with 3 Quad detectors is the most popular of our kits
If you have pets in your home while the alarm system is on, choose Tritech (Pet Friendly) detectors.
For two storey dwellings, that have no cabling upstairs, we recommend a wireless detector package.
Call us on 1300 552 282 for a customised quote for your security needs.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Alarm installation Penrith

Alarm Installation Penrith

CTC Communications is a Penrith based Security System supply and installation company, servicing Penrith and surrounding suburbs for 25+ years.
CTC is an award winning local service and trade, offering the very latest leading brands in home alarm systems to help protect your home or business.
Our most popular alarm we supply and install have Smartphone capability, giving the user the ability to control their alarm system from their phone. 
We are a Bosch Platinum dealer and can provide the best price for supply and installation, we are located in Penrith and serve all the surrounding areas.
Smartphone home alarm systems give you the ability to control your alarm, anytime, anywhere.
Bosch 3000 Smartphone Home Alarm System

CTC can install a security alarm system in your home giving you peace of mind 24/7. 
You can control your alarm system via your Smartphone or have your home monitored back to base by our 24/7 control room.
We have an office and showroom located in Jamisontown (South Penrith)
We can provide a full demonstrations of our Home Alarm Systems, Bosch and Risco on our working demonstration board. We discuss in full your requirement for your home alarm system and tailor an alarm installation package to suit your needs. We provide you with a variety of options including the leading brand of home alarm and CCTV security solutions.
CTC Office Showroom
CTC Communications Showroom Penrith

Call CTC Communications today on 1300 552 282 or chat online or pop into our showroom.
We have put together come of our most popular Home Alarm packages priced right with Zip Pay, Buy Now Pay Later Options.

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CTC Communications Location Penrith

Alarm Service and Repair Penrith

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions Q  What is an Alarm Keypad A) An Alarm keypad is what you arm and disarm the system with normally lo...