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Four ways to deter thieves from your home.

Any home may be susceptible to theft, but this can be particularly true for those who often travel away or have a large expanse of property to take care of. It's a horrible experience to go through when your house has been invaded by a stranger, but there are three steps you can take to help deter thieves from breaking into your home. Furry friend Dogs can act as a big deterrent for would-be thieves, with these furry pals able to act as a 'bark alarm', sniffing out any intruders to your home. Many thieves would rather not risk entering your home at the sight of a dog, so this may be one solution that you want to implement in your home. Pet Friendly alarms are also available so you pooch can stay on patrol and the security system can add as a back up. Look out for the Pet friendly logo on our Security alarm systems , available in pint sized and extra large pooch. 2. Security system If you're unable to have a pet in your home, setting up a  sec

Protect your family home with the Bosch Solution 2000 Alarm System

If you've just become a parent for the first time, then your eyes may have been opened up for the first time to the importance of security for your home. The natural instinct of protecting the ones you love can extend out into finding security solutions, to make your house  one that is comfortable and safe for your family to live in. If you're looking for home alarm systems , then the pet-friendly Bosch Solution   2000 could be just what you need. This superior security innovation provides sophisticated electronic surveillance for your home, using the very latest in microprocessor technology. The BoschSolution 2000 is also super convenient, allowing for automatic call diversion to another number when you leave your home so you won't miss any important calls again. The alarm system also automatically cancels call divert once you return home, perfectly streamlining your calls, whether you're in or away from home. Even if you have family pets in the ho