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Taking steps to secure your small business

Look out for our new Bosch Solution 4000 this week, all the features of the Solution 144 with the  Solution 16 Plus price tag. If you manage a small business, you may think that setting up a security system will not be worth dipping into your finances. But once you experience theft, you'll be looking at the best security solutions to add to your premises. Don't wait until your company is a victim of theft, organise comprehensive security for your business now! A security investment now, can save you from hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in missing stock, equipment and damage. There are three steps you can take to secure your business: implementing access control, CCTV and business alarms. Access control If you want to increase security and safety in your work building, you may want to consider getting an access control system installed. This security measure can help to control who walks in and out of your workplace, with employees to make use of access