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Risco VUpoint CCTV Cameras

Bosch Security - Intrusion Systems

Smart phone home alarm system, Connect O2 Home Automation

What sets Connect O2 apart from the other alarm systems on the market? Connect O2' s main features is it's ability to combine a heap of home automation all on the one app. The ability to wireless open your door or turn on an air conditioner a lamp. These features a top class home automation without the huge price tag. The way of the future is self montiring. be in control of your home security. The Connect O2 has two type of plans for monitoring, you can either connect to your home router or the provided GSM module. What is so great about the GSM module? Double redundancy if your intruder is smart enough to cut your power before breaking in, the GSM will still be able to notify you. Imagine having the ability to turn your air conditioner on  and open the blinds automatically, that's is seriously some pretty nice tech. The Connect O2 has this ability and so much more. Check out all the added features and gadgets it can provide. Check out the video and call us