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Home alarm systems can cut down your insurance costs

A new alarm system, properly installed and regularly serviced, can be a great way of deterring burglars and reducing the risk of theft or vandalism to your home and contents. But did you know that many insurance providers also offer a discount for homes which have a reliable security system installed? A home which has a good alarm system is much less likely to be broken into, and the chance of catching any burglars who do attempt an unauthorised entry is greatly increased. That is good news for the insurance agency, as it is therefore less likely to have to pay out for repairs and replacements. That is why they are willing to offer you a discount on your monthly premiums.  These can vary depending on the provider and the complexity of the home alarm system in question, so it is worth contacting a variety of insurance agencies to find out just what discounts they can offer you. Regardless, there is no doubt that investing in a strong home alarm system can pay off big time i

Monitored Alarm system through CTC Communications

If you are looking to ensure the absolute security of your home or business, it might be worthwhile considering investing in a fully monitored alarm system. A fully monitored alarm system is a great way to give yourself peace of mind and protect your investments from nefarious individuals, who may look to rob or vandalise your property if given the chance. To find out more about the advantages of a monitored alarm system, call CTC Communications today on 1300 552 282, or email us at How does it work? With a monitored alarm system, a Security Patrol team will be available 24/7 to be dispatched to evaluate any potential situations and deal with any intruders they might find at your property. Alternatively, you can simply list a trusted contact to check up on your property, who will be contacted by the monitoring service if the need arises. You will also be able to activate your system manually, by entering a special code into your