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Looking for an intercom and CCTV all in one, look no further.

Product review ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What does CTC think of this product? This is a pretty awesome product, it allows you to view your home, when you are not at home, it gives you the ability to let in friendlies into your home, by viewing them at the door. Hi Tech stuff hey. It does have a big price tag, but worth the money, save $ on purchasing a CCTV system alone. We have seen this system in action and it is very impressive, combine it with a couple of 7" Kocom monitors around the home and you are set for high tech gadgets. Kocom 10inch Touch Quad DVR Videophone+ Door station KC-MC30+ 2 Cameras in the package: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1x KVR-D510 CCTV Intercom Monitor and KC-MC30 4 Wire Colour Outdoor Station (S3731A) 2x Pacom PAC-DVPIRVF700-2.8-10-WH Dome Cameras (S82541) 3x PAC-24AC50VA-2S 24V 2Amp PSU (S77207) 1x Kin