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Protecting your home this winter.

If the winter chill has got you down, it might be time to consider heading away on a much-needed vacation. Whether you are taking off for a warmer part of Australia or heading overseas to the Northern Hemisphere where summer is in full swing, a holiday will leave you refreshed and revitalised. However many people express hesitation when it comes to leaving their home for long periods of time, due to the potential security risks involved. Well, fear not. There are several things that you can do to help keep your home and belongings safe and sound even while you are off on vacation. Talk to your neighbours If you have some close neighbours who you trust, it might be worthwhile talking to them before you head away to ensure they know that your house is going to be vacant. They can keep an eye on the property and watch for any unusual activity. They can also help clear out your mailbox and, if necessary, mow your lawn. This will help give your house a 'lived-in' app