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Screen visitors to your home with a voice changer intercom

  The one touch voice changer in the Panasonic intercom system  gives an extra layer of security to your home.  Are you looking to increase security to your home, look no further than the Panasonic intercom for home with a voice changer feature. By being able to disguise ones voice, it gives the home owner the unique safety feature , of changing a female voice to a male voice. The voice heard at the main door station will be male. This feature is also great if children are left unattended at home and need to screen callers to the door, or a female at home. The function of this intercom system can be activated with one touch during an incoming call using the main extension intercom monitor. One-touch Voice Changer This security feature is available in the Panasonic intercom VL-SWD275AZ model. Door station cameras with night vision, see who is at your door even in the dark. Door stations with wide angle cameras can see many visitors to your door from the internal monitor station, wheth