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Doing your part: what you can do to stop burglaries

Predicting when your house might be targeted by burglars is nearly impossible, as these criminals can often strike during any month of the year and at any time day or night. They may be operating alone or as a team, and might be equipped with specialist tools. They may choose simply to use brute force to enter your property, or might look to gain access through unsecured entry points such as unlocked doors or windows. However no matter where, why or how, there are a few simple steps that you can take to not only prevent break ins from occurring but to ensure that any criminals involved are brought to justice as quickly as possible. The New South Wales Police Force has issued a series of tips and steps which civilians can take to prevent burglaries and reduce the risk of intruders entering their homes. These include ensuring that all fences and gates are secure and in good working order, installing quality security lights around the perimeter of the property and making sure tha