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Change of season? Review your business security processes

A new season brings with it a number of new challenges, and in the case of winter you may expect a whole lot more of rain,  wind and chilly temperatures! This change of weather pattern can be quite a dampener on business security , as overhanging branches, shadowy areas  and faulty security alarms and cameras can reduce the effectiveness of your security system . Help ensure a high level of security for your business throughout winter with these top tips! Ensure security products are in good order Severe winds, as well as rain and ice, can cause some security products to malfunction. Make sure to regularly check your alarms, cameras and other security systems to ensure that they are working well  through the winter. If you've found that some of your security products have become faulty, speak to your security specialists about  getting products that are more durable and weather-resistant. Security lights It beco

False alarms - why do they happen and what can you do to prevent them

Investing in a security system for your home is a brilliant way to give yourself peace of mind whilst protecting the people and items that are most important to you. However one of the most irritating elements of home alarm systems are false alarms - incidents in which an alert is triggered unnecessarily, potentially causing distress and frustration for you and your neighbours. It's important to remember that false alarms are often easily preventable, so long as you think ahead and take a few simple steps. Change your batteries False alarms can often be caused due to expired or faulty batteries, which is why you should replace the batteries in your home alarm once every two years. Some of the best alarms on the market will send an alert to your security control panel if the battery is running low, so this is a worthwhile feature to ask for. Consider pet immune motion detectors Pet owners often hesitate to purch

We're all going on a winter holiday

If the winter chill has got you down, it might be time to consider heading away on a much-needed vacation. Whether you are taking off for a warmer part of Australia or heading overseas to the Northern Hemisphere where summer is in full swing, a holiday will leave you refreshed and revitalised. However many people express hesitation when it comes to leaving their home for long periods of time, due to the potential security risks involved. Well, fear not. There are several things that you can do to help keep your home and belongings safe and sound even while you are off on vacation. Talk to your neighbours If you have some close neighbours who you trust, it might be worthwhile talking to them before you head away to ensure they know that your house is going to be vacant. They can keep an eye on the property and watch for any unusual activity. They can also help clear out your mailbox and, if necessary, mow your lawn. This will help give your house a 'lived-in' appe

Implementing access control at your workplace

If your workplace has recently fallen victim to theft or you're looking for ways to improve security around your offices, then getting set up with an access control system may help you with business security . Leaving entry to your workplace open to anyone passing by could pose a serious security risk to not only your equipment and technology, but also to your staff working inside. The use of access control can help to limit who is granted entry into particular areas, with visitors able to get through to places such as reception, but needing to have an access key to go any further into the workplace. There are a number of access control systems to choose from, with access cards, remote's, key fobs and finger scanners available. The Bosch Fingerprint Reader is one security solution that you can implement in your workplace, with this simple device able to admit your employees at just the swipe of a finger. Other features include a bui

Three ways to deter thieves from your home

Any home may be susceptible to theft, but this can be particularly true for those who often travel away or have a large expanse of property to take care of. It's a horrible experience to go through when your house has been invaded by a stranger, but there are three steps you can take to help deter thieves from breaking into your home. Furry friend Dogs can act as a big deterrent for would-be thieves, with these furry pals able to act as a 'bark alarm', sniffing out any intruders to your home. Many thieves would rather not risk entering your home at the sight of a dog, so this may be one solution that you want to implement in your home. Security system If you're unable to have a pet in your home, setting up a  security system  may be the best option for you. CCTV  is one of several  security solutions  that can make thieves hesitant to entering your house. Having visible cameras dotted around your home is sure to scare away any potential thieves and set t

Put mum's mind at ease this Mother's Day

The day for all mums to feel special and be treated like a queen is fast approaching, with Mother's Day rolling around on Sunday May 12! You can treat your mum to a gift that she will truly appreciate, ensuring that she can feel safer in the comfort of her home with one of the security solutions around. A security system may be especially important if your mum lives in a large premises or if she owns a business, to help make sure that any potential intruders stay away. CCTV may be the necessary security product to help protect your mum and her home or business, with this security solution suitable for every type of property. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right surveillance camera, so to help narrow down the search, you may want to consider these four questions. - How well does the camera work in bright sunlight or in low light? - How much detail does the camera provide? - What does the camera connect back to? When shopping for a

Three top benefits of installing CCTV

If you have been a victim of theft in your home or office, then finding the right security solutions to tackle the problem may be at the top of your to-do list right now. Everybody has the right to feel safe in their workplace or home, but it can often be necessary for some of us to take that extra step to help ensure safety. The use of a CCTV security system can help you to look out for your loved ones at home, and deter thieves from your offices. This security solution is suitable for various properties including homes, businesses, industrial areas, retail stores and sports clubs. Here are three benefits of installing a CCTV system in your home or workplace. Convenience There are CCTV security products that allow owners to monitor their system conveniently from their smartphone, such as the Watchguard DVR8EONPACK . This complete surveillance package contains eight surveillance cameras and an eight channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with 1 TB hard drive.