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Security Alarm Systems FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for Alarm Systems. What is a Control Panel ? A Control Panel is the brains of the security system. It controls the actions of your detection devices and stores the user codes. The Control Panel is to be located within the armed area of the house. Typically all wiring for the house will come back to the control panel and connect into the system. Which Control Panel is right for me ? Generally the selection of the control panel is in line with the Budget and Size of the premises to be protected. Typically most domestic system will have standard 8 Input connections for PIRs and Reed Switches. Depending on the type this number can be doubled by the use of resistors and wiring. Each alarm system has its limitations on how many inputs can be connected, if they exceed the onboard capacities then expansion panels can be added to the system to increase the inputs and outputs. Various sensors connect to the control panel from locations throughout you

Don't wait until you are burgled to install a security alarm system.

Don't wait until you are burgled to install a security alarm system.  We often attend site to install a security system after the fact, our customers have often already been cleared out of their prized possessions, their home violated by intruders and who knows what they have done whilst they were there. Put yourself and your family's security as your number one priority. Some clients can be traumatised for years after a break in and often that feeling of security in your own home is shattered and affects your personal well-being. Remote controls when pressed in unison act as a panic alarm if intruders break in whilst you are home. The most effective form of security at night, is the night arm feature that comes standard with all Bosch alarm systems . There is even a specially designed  night arm keypad to make it even easier. Setting certain areas to arm whilst you sleep, will ensure you have a good night sleep, no need to nudge your partner from his snoring slumber if y