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Whats so great about an IP intercom over a standard intercom?

Dahua IP Intercom System Whats so great about an IP intercom over a standard intercom?  You basic non IP intercom has limited capabilities, basically one to one function, press door bell and see who is at the door , open with the unlock function if you have a door release latch installed. Apartments and some businesses would use this function with limited household's requiring it. Now we enter a new wave of technology, you no longer need to be home to see who is at your door. Increased Security  The ability to be connected to your home at all times. The ability to open a door if your children, hubby or a guest requires access, this function is available at the push of a button and requires the installation of an electronic door latch on your door. If you are looking for an IP intercom with the Smarts, Dahua has it all. Review of the features from C.T.C Communications Picture memory , this gives the monitor the door station the ability to take a pho