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Which Siren Box to choose for your home?

I often get asked this question, when customers are choosing home alarm system components, which siren box is better?
Here are the factors to consider when choosing a siren box for your home or business.

Often units governed by Strata laws require certain rules to be followed for the external structure of units, including siren boxes..
You will need to approach your Strata body prior to a decision regarding size of siren. It is often Strata corporations require siren boxes to be of a certain size or non existent.

If it is a requirement of your Strata complex that you cannot have an external siren box, then I would recommend you have a self monitored alarm system, for alarm notifications to your mobile.
Power consumption, it is a known fact that the new LED siren light will draw less power than the conventional strobe.
In short, if you power goes off and you have to rely on back up battery. The LED siren will last the longest.
Summary always choose the larger siren, I know it is not attractive, but it is best to be seen than not to be seen.
Siren Box for Alarm System

Sirens boxes can aid in a visual deterrent for a potential intruder, I would suggest the large siren box the better. If you are able to spot your siren box from the street, hopefully a intruder may think twice before robbing your home.

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