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Three picture memory intercoms for your home

If you're upgrading your home
security system, intercoms are one solution to consider to help provide that extra bit of protection in your house.
There is an extensive range of intercoms available on the market, allowing home owners to see or hear guests before they are allowed on the premises.
Intercom systems can come equipped with features such as an incorporated CCTV function, an electronic latch to open doors remotely, as well as access cards.
You can also choose to purchase an intercom with a picture memory function, which allows you to store images of your visitors when they activate the intercom.
If this sounds like the kind of intercom you're after, here are three models that you may want to consider for your next purchase.
Honeywell Intercom 7" Handsfree
The lightweight Honeywell Intercom 7" Handsfree with slimline door station and picture memory is one sleek security device that will add to the protection and design of your home.
You can be sure that this intercom can brave the elements of winter, with aluminum alloy and waterproof rain cover.
The wide angle camera provides a 92 degree view angle, with the intercom also coming equipped with touch buttons, nine doorbell melodies and built-in LEDs for night time.
Around 50 photos can be saved, with the intercom able to support a 32gb SD card.
Aiphone JF2HD Colour Intercom
Safely identify your visitors with peace of mind by making use of the Aiphone JF2HD Colour Intercom with flush-mounted door station.
The streamline design intercom offers crisp and clear colour images, handsfree communication, the choice of three door stations, picture memory, and a voice memo function.
Kocom KCV-D374SD Colour 7"
Compact, slim and stylish, the Kocom KCV-D374SD Colour 7" is packed with features to help secure your home.
Take advantage of the digital colour 7" widescreen LCD, ultra-low power consumption, hands free function, digital photo album and the ability of having door strike connected to a camera or monitor for increased security.

This intercom system is easy to install with only two wires, and is capable of supporting up to two screens, two door strikes and two cameras.
Kocom  Colour hands Free Video 7" Wide Screen KCV-D374 with Slimline door station with CCTV integration + SD Card

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