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Four home security no-nos

Is your home an open target for any wandering thief? Well if you're still doing the old 'key in the pot plant' trick or displaying all your new tech gadgets for the whole street to see, then you could well find your home marked by thieves.
Burglars know all the tricks in the book when it comes to getting into your home, so it's vital that you don't carry on with the age-old practices that could mark you as a victim of theft.
Here are the top four no-nos for home security.
Hiding your key
It's simple - don't hide your key around your home! Thieves have progressed from just peeking under your mat, garden gnomes and letterbox. They can carefully inspect that loose brick by your front door or spot your key hanging under your wind chime.
Don't take the risk of leaving your key somewhere around your home, take it with you!
Open for everyone to see
If your neighbours can see what kind of TV you own, the model of your computer or your brand new oven in clear view - then you can be sure that a thief can see this too.
Anything you don't want stolen, keep out of view. Quite simply, invest in some curtains! You don't want thieves scouting all the appliances they can steal from your home, so cover it up with some white netted curtains, it's a cheap, quick and easy solution.
Valuables in the sock drawer
Thieves know to head straight to the sock or underwear drawer to find items of real value, so don't keep your expensive or prized possessions here!
If you have valuables in your home, consider investing in a heavy-duty safe to look after these items.
Deactivated alarm
Even if you've got one of the best alarms around, it's no use to you and your family if it's off!
Everytime you leave home, ensure that your alarm is armed and ready. There are also security systems now that allow you to monitor or control your alarm from your smartphone, so there really should be no excuse for your alarm being deactivated!
If you want extra security measures implemented at your home, you can consider a number of security solutions including CCTV, home alarm systems and other wireless security cameras.

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